One Cute Ring Bearer

This weekend we traveled to Arkansas for a wedding. Little J was asked to be a ring bearer, his first time with this important job! He was told that if he did a good job he would win a prize. He did a great job, even tried to help his very young ring bearer partner and earned a very large Power Ranger for his efforts.

I was little concerned that we wouldn't feel up to the wedding since on our trip there he threw up several times. I'm thinking it was just the combination of a banana and some curvy roads because while Jake was cleaning up the mess in the car and our friend was digging out 7-up and meds, he was circling her house with her dog. Then he ate a whole Sonic Wacky Pack...

The Rehearsal:

Doesn't he look good in a tux???

The Bride thinks he should marry the flower girl, they were definitly set up!

But he has his eyes on the bride!

Notice the other ring bearer dragging his pillow.

Bustin a move at the reception.

Family Photo


Shelly said...

It was so good to see you guys this weekend! The only problem-it wasn't long enough!! Glad you had a safe trip back home. Have a good week! Love you and miss you all!

Ashley said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you had a good time despite the car ride.

Sarah Anne said...

cute pics! Glad to hear it went well! We missed you Sunday. Sophie came, and it went well! See you tonight.

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