What I learned in Sunday School

Jonah's teacher, Miss Claudia (Aunt Claudi) told this story this evening:

"This month we have been talking about Easter. Every week I have had plastic eggs and each week there is something different inside that goes along with the story. This morning I was reviewing the Easter Story but for the first time talked a little bit about the crucifixion. I had a spear in one of the eggs and told the 2 and 3 year olds that the guards poked Jesus to see if He had died. When I was finished with the story I let the kids look inside the eggs. Jonah found the spear and asked if he could "poke" Jesus as he headed over to the felt storyboard".

Right out our front door...

Recently the city has been working on the roads around our house. Over the weekend there was a paver, two rollers and a back hoe parked on the next street over. We drove by it and then had to turn around and then back up to see the equipment again and again. Then we had to take a walk to see them. And had to count their lug nuts. But today OUR road was actually paved. So a big dump truck, a roller and a paver spent most of the day on our street! It was very noisy (which Jonah does't really like) but he endured it to see the action. He kept asking "what are they doing, Mama?" And I would say, "Working on the road." He finally asked if he could help them but wasn't too disappointed when I said that we could just watch!