Indecisive Gene

Last week I had a "blast from the past" which I loved and disliked all at once. We were standing in front of church discussing with friends where we were going to go out to lunch. We had the friend who said where he didn't want to go and Jake who was scraping every one's suggestions. We had the family in the mini van who just wanted to be told where we going so they could put their van in drive and go.

It reminded me so much of our New Springs days (our old church). We went out for lunch every Sunday following an episode like the one mentioned above (except for the stint where a restaurant was drawn out of a cup each week, announced and that is where we would go- why did that end?). Although I'm happy to have friends again that occasionally like to go out on Sunday, they're really not working out- we need decisive friends (please still be our friends, friends, just kidding)!

The problem is that Jake and I are a very indecisive couple. Many nights we spend laying on opposite ends of the couch wondering what we're going to do that night. And when it comes to going out to eat- Jake only knows where he DOESN'T want to go and nothing ever "sounds good to me."

So the question of the day: is there a gene for indecisiveness that you can pass on to your offspring? If so, our poor child has received it. I noticed this when one day this week I told him he needed to take a bath. He got into the bath tub and said "which one should I take, a bath or a shower?" I assured him that it didn't matter to me, it was his choice. "Which one do you think I should take?" he asked me. I suggested a bath. He looked sceptical. I then said "how about a shower?" He then told me he would "ask these guys" meaning his washcloths and cups. He sat down and had a conversation with them. Apparently, they like baths. Maybe I should ask them the next time we're standing in the parking lot deciding between Chinese or breakfast foods.

Fearless First Day

Pre-school resumed this week after four summer months off. Even after a long break, there were no tears or fears (for either of us) when it came time for drop off.

Although I'm pleased with the easy transition I'm not happy with the lack of reports I've been getting from him. He has a great memory and is perfectly capable of telling me about his day, at least he would last year. But this year he is "all boy" in his reports, which are "I can't tell you, its a secret." I suppose I shouldn't be surprised when next year his answer to "what did you do at school today?" is a very informative "nothing"! (On a similar note he expects a 12 step answer to all of his questions. Here is a replay of a conversation he had with my friend, Brooke: J-"why is your hair yellow, I thought it was brown?", B-"I colored it." J-"How did you color it?" B- "A lady did it" J- "How did she do it?" B-"She put chemicals on my hair and it changed colors" J-"What after she put chemicals on your hair?, "Why did you want it to be yellow?" "Where does she live", "Will it turn back to brown?"....)

Pictures above: His first day of school with his family banner, a play date to the zoo following school, and a photo session that Jonah arranged prior to church this past Sunday.

T is for TV Dinner

This summer Jonah and I started Alphabet Dinners. It began with him selecting a letter out of a bag. We would then go to the store and purchase foods that begin with that letter and make them for one fun and random dinner.

The first week we had a W Dinner consisting of waffles and watermelon (no one was interested in the water chesnuts). Since then Jonah has started requesting which letter our dinner should be based upon. For instance, we recently had a R dinner because his favorite drink, root beer, begins with R. He is starting to recognize letter sounds, which was the point of this activity, so I guess I shouldn't complain about what is motivating him.

But I will say that I was suprised when he asked for a T dinner and we weren't having tacos but instead his favorite lunch time treat- TV dinners.

Surprisingly our most well balanced Alphabet Dinner was the XYZ Dinner that we had last week. We had Yams and Zuchinni but X? I cheated on that one- we saw Xtra Special Cake in our Alphabet Bakery Cookbook . I thought couldn't anything be Xtra Special? So we had Xtra Special Chicken Pockets (which I'd be thinking about for quite some time but hadn't actually made).

Any ideas for a Q Dinner Menu?