What's the Weather Channel?

So I must have confused myself with my husband who was going to Florida or my friend who went to California over Spring Break when I packed flip flops and capris for mine and Jonah's trip to Illinois. It was warm in Arkansas when I left is my excuse. My parent's town got 5 inches of blowing snow with a blizzard advisory while we were there and we were snowed in for a day. Jonah wanted his boots and his gloves so he could go play in it and I had to tell him that I was sorry, that I didn't even bring him a coat! Whoops! But the crazy thing is comparing the snow removal process in Central Illinois and to the non exsistant snow removal process in Arkansas. Even the apartment complexs and backroads were clear by the end of the day. And even though the snow had not melted the next morning school buses were up and running!

"Come my Party"

Jonah remided everyone that his 3 year old party was coming up! He told everyone to "come my party!" He had a "bulldozer and dump truck" party. He was so excited about it (I think we started planning it a little too soon!). But he and his friends played in his ball pit and convinced some non parents to pull them around the backyard in his wagon.

He received a bubble sword from his friend Shack (Shack is the gib kid next to Jake. Shack and Jake tried several bubble mixtures before they gave up on the big bubbles.

Here is Jonah and his Dumptruck Cake! He knew how to blow out the candles this time but still needed some help from his friend Jadon.

Jonah loved his Bob the Builder blanket.

Convenient Food

One morning Jonah walked into the bathroom while I was showering, he must have just rolled out of bed. He said, "Orange Juice, Mommy." I said to ask Daddy. A minute later he said, "Cheeseburger, Mommy." I said, "For breakfast?" But before I could really finish my sentence he forcefully said, "Eat it!" I looked through the shampoo suds to see a very tightly wadded blanket that he was holding out to me! What a nutrious breakfast!