Jonah had his first dream last week, at least the first dream that he has talked about. He woke up in the morning talking about Elmo and how he called for Elmo, "Elmo, Elmo, Elmooooo (in a sort of sing song voice)". It turns that either Jonah or Elmo were in the elevator, I'm not sure which one. But I'm pretty sure that what was in the elevator was a picture of Blue's Clues. When asked to tell us about his dream we get this story, "I said Elmo, Elmo, Elmoooo. Elmo in elevator, picture of Blues Clues." That's all I have to go on but the story hasn't changed no matter how often he tells it. We did go to the library the night before his dream and we did ride the elevator. And we have been watching a Blue's Clues video a lot, the one where Steve uses maps to find things and to get places. So maybe the picture was a map? Its very interesting analyzing your almost-three-old's dreams!

Good Samaritan

Today Jonah and I pulled up at Wal-mart and parked directly in front of a cart corral. In the very back of the corral (which looked like the front to Jonah) was the conveted of all carts (at least among the 2 year old crowd)- a cart with a red car on it! You get to "drive" while your mommy shops! But, the corral was SO full, 2 rows of carts. I can do this, I thought. So I unbuckled Jonah but told him to stay in the car as I gave it a try. An old lady laughed at my ambitions as I tried to put all of the carts into a single row. But then, a buff, bald guy in his forties saved the day- he just lifted the cart over the railing and told me to have a good day! And we did, thanks to him!