I keep forgetting to post the details that Rhonda asked for (thanks everyone too for all of the well wishes regarding our pregnancy!).

Here are the basics:
We are 17 weeks.
Due August 5th.
Don't know what we're having yet but hope to find out at our next ultrasound in a couple of weeks. Jonah is SURE we are having a girl though. Today though he said he wanted it to be a boy so that he can be the big brother. I guess he's a little confused in thinking HE will be the big SISTER if the baby is a girl. I got to try and explain that one again, I obviously didn't do a very good job the first time.

Here's the stuff you probably don't want to know:
We needed help from a specialist this time around. We saw, Dr Jarrett, from Indy and totally loved him. He was the first doctor to give us a reason why went through three years of surgeries, a miscarriage, and lots of drugs and heartache, and was still left with empty arms. We agreed morally with the way he did things and thought his staff couldn't be more encouraging and helpful.

Although we are SO HAPPY to be at this point I still have to convince myself that it is very probable that we are going to get a baby "out of this deal". Maybe I'll believe it during labor, or maybe when I'm holding him or her, or up all night feeding...

The Pants Blanket

Little J and I had a big discussion on Friday, when we had our most recent big snow, about what kind of birthday party we were going to have and what kind of bedroom he wanted (we decided that it was time to retire our Bob the Builder" theme). We were planning on a super hero theme for both his party and his bedroom, but he wanted to change them both to Power Rangers (which I am not very excited about). I made the mommy decision that we are sticking with the super hero party theme because I already bought a few things for it, but the room was negotiable. Because just a few days ago he said he wanted a Transformers room I was not feeling very comfortable about investing in either them or Power Rangers. Then I suggested that I make him a quilt like we did for the twins and he was all for it. He exclaimed that he would "keep it on his bed forever!" I liked the sound of that so we immediatly got to work on it.

As it turned out, I already had 100 squares out of denim already cut out and ready to go. But after sewing one row and doing some measuring I realized that I needed twice that many. So I searched the garage sale boxes and brought up a couple pairs of blues jeans and began cutting. Jonah thought this was FUNNY! Above is a picture of Jonah trying out his half done quilt.

When big J got home that night he told him "Mommy is making me a quilt out of pants!"

Valentine's Day is for girls

Yesterday morning I suggested to little J that he wear a red shirt for Valentine's Day. Apparently, I shouldn't of mentioned such a thing because red and pink are FOR GIRLS. He informed me that he was going to wear green and blue. And Batman. He first put on a green t-shirt followed by a long sleeve blue t-shirt. The outfit was completed by a too-tight batman t-shirt worn over the first 2 shirts.

Once we were dressed we finally made it to pre-school, valentines in hand. The first thing he said to me when he got in the car was, "I got a lot of girl things." As he looked through his valentines in the backseat I heard him mumble "I'm tired of this girl stuff." I informed him that I was happy to take any of the "girl stuff" off of his hands. To my surprise he said okay. I wasn't sure if I should give him a talk about how there are probably things that he likes inside the pink Barbie bags or should I just hope for lots of gummy hearts? Instead I settled for "Well do you think the girls liked your Superman valentines and tatoos?". He responded with a look of shock that said "why WOULDN'T you like Superman and that you can never have enough tatoos with a big S on it". So much for that strategy.

When we got to the Dairy Queen parking lot to meet a friend for lunch I helped him do the dirty work of looking inside the pink bags. I discovered a very nice pink pencil with hearts on it that he immediatly looked scared of. I suggested that maybe he give it to our friend Ashley, who was meeting us for lunch, for Valentine's Day. He said that he couldn't because if he touched it, he might turn into a girl.

Denial and Dissaproval

A few weeks ago I was discussing with a counselor friend how Jake and I wanted to talk to little J about something. She cautioned that he might not take it well.

She was right.

You would have thought that we had told him that there was a new law in our town banning super hero pajamas, orange juice, and PBS kids (all of our favs) instead of that he was going to be a big brother.

His response to "there is a baby in mommy's tummy" was first giggles and then "no there's not."

After a little convincing there was loud, vocal dissaproval:
"I don't want a baby"
"This is NOT good news"
and our favorite, though we don't know what it means: "I quit".

He went through those first stages of mourning pretty quickly and soon moved on to acceptance. He often asks how the baby is doing and reminds me to be careful. But he would rather tell people about his Super Heros Team video than the fact he is going to be a big brother. And he did come with me to hear the baby's heartbeat at my 15 week appointment this morning but it got old pretty quickly and asked to go to nurses station to talk about Power Rangers (which is what he did when he had to come with mommy to the doctor when he wasn't in the know).

While I was sleeping

For a while I've been complaining about my pink blog and the other night, after I went to bed, Jake did some redecorating(don't worry Sarah, who just put together a very similar pink blog of her own, it needed to be done anyway!). You might have seen the flowers, if you didn't, don't worry because you didn't miss much. It was, well, flowery. So last night I picked out this template and even though the directions were in spanish, my computer crazed husband still attempted it. As I was going to bed I heard him shout "Why?", "No", and "Don't make me come in there" to the computer screen. I started to feel bad and let him know that he could pick something in English as long as it wasn't the flowers. He said "what kind of challange would that be?" So I woke up to this new blog. What do you think? I'm just hoping it inspires me to post more!