The Pants Blanket

Little J and I had a big discussion on Friday, when we had our most recent big snow, about what kind of birthday party we were going to have and what kind of bedroom he wanted (we decided that it was time to retire our Bob the Builder" theme). We were planning on a super hero theme for both his party and his bedroom, but he wanted to change them both to Power Rangers (which I am not very excited about). I made the mommy decision that we are sticking with the super hero party theme because I already bought a few things for it, but the room was negotiable. Because just a few days ago he said he wanted a Transformers room I was not feeling very comfortable about investing in either them or Power Rangers. Then I suggested that I make him a quilt like we did for the twins and he was all for it. He exclaimed that he would "keep it on his bed forever!" I liked the sound of that so we immediatly got to work on it.

As it turned out, I already had 100 squares out of denim already cut out and ready to go. But after sewing one row and doing some measuring I realized that I needed twice that many. So I searched the garage sale boxes and brought up a couple pairs of blues jeans and began cutting. Jonah thought this was FUNNY! Above is a picture of Jonah trying out his half done quilt.

When big J got home that night he told him "Mommy is making me a quilt out of pants!"