The Land of Corn and Soybeans

We struggled for the 4 years that we owned a house in Arkansas to get grass to grow. I lost track of the times that we seeded with no positive outcome.

I thought maybe it was my fault. I am not known for having a "green thumb." I will confess that for years my mom would send me off to college (and off to Arkansas newly married) with a couple of green, healthy houseplants. I would then bring them home on breaks so she could nurse their now sad, wilting bodies back to health. I would then take the poor things back to school and begin the cycle all over again. All that is left from the plant massacre is one stubborn aloe. Which, by the way, is at my mom's house...

Friends and neighbors would say otherwise- that maybe our lack of grass had something to do with the previous owner. Maybe the fact that he never mowed or raked hurt our soil. Maybe the lack of grass was caused by the giant African Tortoise that grazed in the backyard. Maybe the soil is full of clay in that part of the country. Maybe part of that was true, but then they would go home to water their beautiful green lawns and I would cry over my ball diamond wannabe yard.

So now we are in the part of the country where you see field of corn and soybeans being plowed and planted. In fact, a new Rural King (yes, I said RURAL KING) just opened nearby to service these farmers. So we decided to give it a try. Part of the yard is dug up and seeds and plants (bought at Rural King, of course) are safely in the ground. We have sprinkled red pepper on the leaves and soil to hopefully ward off the neighborhood rabbits. While we wait for our vegetables, which Jonah thinks should be ready to pick NOW, we are enjoying the flowers and bushes popping up all over our property (instead of poison ivy like in AR). Heres hoping for a bountiful harvest, or at a least a tomato or two!