Vacation Top Ten

We just returned from a middle-of-nowhere, nothing to do vacation. It was very yet relaxing, but I wouldn't say boring. Here are the funniest/oddest/coolest things that happened:
10. Our one bedroom cabin had no door between the bedroom and the living/kitchen area. We rigged a sleeping area for Jonah in the closet by creating a "tent" with a blanket. He loved it and always went to bed early because he requested going to bed!
9. I brought all of the wrong food for the "kitchen fully stocked with everything you need." The muffins became pancakes and I baked the cookie dough 4 at a time in a cake pan. What was I thinking?
8. We don't own a boat! It was totally a fishing/boating resort! They had a raft a paddle boat we could use, but we didn't bring a toddler size lif jacket!
7. I had time to read one novel and knit 2 scarves.
6. We had to board a ferry to cross the lake to get to our resort.
5. Jonah asked to go to the pool all of time, but refused to actually get in. He just sat nicely on the side or sometime walked around a little.
4. The BBQ chicken at the only resturant in the area (only open for dinner on Friday and Sat. nights) was really just a boneless chicken breast with cold BBQ sauce on top. But the rest of the dinner was homemade and yummy!
3. The owner of the resort didn't didn't own a shirt. He and his wife used to own a bar in a big city. Their personalities definitly seem to fit in more behind a bar than behind the counter at a resort. I don't think there were any lights in the office/store. Even the one in the Blue Bunny icecream cooler was broken (it made it hard to see what you were getting, but its Blue Bunny, how can you go wrong?)
2. Jake played "Roller Derby Queen" at a Gospel Sing. (see Jake's Blog for details)
1. Jonah said "wee" whenever we traveled on the hilly roads to get there. When we would hit flatland he would say, "more wee".