You Got Mail

Wouldn't you want your mail delivered by this little guy? When asked, "Do you want to be Elmo or a mail man for Halloween?", Jonah was quick to answer, "Mailman!". We were fortunate to get an authentic postal service uniform from a friend and my mom helped me cut it down to toddler size. We were having a little costume parade at a friend's house on Thursday when the mail was being delivered. The postal carrier was happy to lend us her truck for pictures.

First Place

This was not a paring knife event but instead Jake got out a few saws and tools (I don't know the names of them, but they plug in!). He says that "Pumpkin carving isn't pumpkin carving now days without power tools." I was a little afraid that he was going to cut the whole pumkin in half, especially after Jonah picked out the pattern online. He was very excited about having a Nemo pumpkin. And with good reason! Anyway, Jake took first place at our church's jack-o-lantern contest tonight, I'm so proud!


Last week we took a trip to Illinois. Jonah and I dropped Jake off at a meeting in St. Louis and headed on to Central Illinois to see my parents. Its hard being so far away from our families and I don't often pass up a chance to spend some time with them! Here are a few photos:

Jonah and his Papa waiting for Ninny to come home from work. Jonah loves playing with his Papa!

Aunt Sara had a cross country meet in the same town where my parents live. We got there just in time to see her take off.

My parents love to go to garage sales and buy JOnah fun stuff. Here he is being Bob the Builder in a wagon that he wasn't so sure about.

"Kitty Cat" Jonah says to Jake's parent's, his other Ninny and Papa. This Ninny gave us all a scare last week but is recovering quickly from her last minute surgery. God is good!

Translator needed in the Kitchen!

Yesterday was just a very interesting day in our house-Jonah was quite the entertainer. Elmo joined us for dinner. He sat in the chair next to Jonah with a helping of pot pie and minded his manners until he started sliding down in his seat. Jonah looked at Elmo and said (or at least we thought he said)
"Elmo seat dead."
"What?" we said!
I thought no more "Finding Nemo" for you (we had borrowed it from the library the day before).
After dinner he said, "Dead?".
"Elmo see Dead, hotdog?".
"Ohhhhhhhhh", we said.
We were going to see our friend DEB (not dead) at a Fall Festival where they were going to have hotdogs. Elmo was not dead. He just wanted a hotdog (wasn't he full from his potpie?) What a relief, I wasn't quite ready to discuss the mortality of stuffed animals just yet.

Now I Know

Its not like I was really curious about what would happen if you would happen to microwave a highlighter with the cap removed, but now I have my answer. Black stuff oozes from the felt and creates a sticky mess on your turntable. Your house smells like you faux painted each and every wall with a fluorescent yellow marker. I think I need a taller microwave cart. I'm putting it on my Christmas list.

Cooking Extravaganza

To find out what Jonah is making today.....