A Battle (not to be fought)

Recently Jonah has showed a strong aversion to clothes. He would rather stay in his pajamas all day. Actually, that is not exactly true, he is willing to change out of the pajamas that he slept in into a pair of clean pjs in the morning. But yesterday, after threatening to take away all of his stuffed animals, we had a bath when he woke up. I had to pretty much throw him in and bribe him with shaving cream because he also rencently has decided to dislike baths and showers(and most foods, socks, coats, and flannel sheets). Obviously, most things are a battle for us and the clothing battle is one that I chose not to fight. Jake chooses to fight it on Sundays while I am perfectly willing to let him wear Scooby Do to church (instead we wear it UNDER a plain boring shirt with stripes or something that is "not his favorite"). After our bath yesterday he dressed himself. He hasn't quite got the hang of putting his head in first. Don't forget to notice his pants (on backwards). At least he got dressed! Amen to that!