Pass the Sugar

Jonah and I went to the grocery store today on our way home from swim lessons (which he is doing AWESOME at) and he helped me unload the car. We went to Aldi's and I forgot the bags. I fit almost everything into a three boxes that I found in the store but there were still a few things rolling around in the trunk. Jonah unloaded those things one by one. He wanted to try to the white sugar, he liked it. He tried to take a bite out of the cucumber. Then he found a bag of brown sugar and carried it around the house calling it "Travy." I can't be for certain if he is saying that his friend Travis (whom he also calls "Travy") resembles a bag of sugar or not. It could just been something fun to yell. Most of Jonah's songs or the things that he yells are about food, "Hotdog, milk, hotdog, milk, brr (burger)." Sometimes he'll throw a cheese in there for something different. So I really shouldn't be suprised that he uses a friend's name to refer to a bag of sugar!

All Wet

Jonah and I are taking our second Parent and Toddler swim class. The first we took last year, when Jonah was just a year old. It was awesome! He was totally fearless. But a year later, the fear has set in and he refuses to remove his legs from around my waist! So although he doesn't kick or "dig dig dig (hand movements)", he does go under as much as you want. He closes his eyes at the right time (and even his mouth too sometimes). I'm not surprsied that he does mind getting his head wet since he has recently starting taking showers instead of baths...


My favorite show is totally taping only 40 minutes away from here! I was so excited to hear that Extreme Makeover Home Edition is in Alma, Arkansas, all this week! It didn't take much to convince Jake to take a drive down there. He was in need of a new knife and our favorite discount store just happens to be in Alma also. Now Alma is small. But we still had trouble finding the blocks that were blocked off. But we finally found the parking lot and and were soon in a school bus on the way to the site. Then you walked down the street through this portable open tunnel thing. There wasn't tons of people there, but it was still hard to see because of where the house was and the number of trees. We did get some glimpses of Ty and Constance though! While standing in the crowd we overheard intresting things: where the design team is staying and where they have been eating along with the crazy things people want Ty to sign! Jonah soon was bored by all of this so we left to catch the bus after staying only about 15 minutes. It was a good thing because not long after we were in our car it started pouring. It didn't rain long so hopefully it didn't mess with demo.


So I normally don't put songs on repeat. I think that its hard to pick a song that you actually want to have on repeat for too long. But if you want to know if its a song that you want to listen to on repeat, then just do it. You'll know soon enough!

I found this out today with a song that I actually enjoy listening to because it makes me laugh. We were playing a children's cd from the library, it had some childrens classics sung by Country Artists. We were on track 3 when Jonah said "all done." I said "oh, you're done with the music?" He said "more Papa". I said, "oh we'll see him soon." But he was pointing to the cd player. That is when we pushed repeat for the first of three times today.

Yes, I listened to "I'm my own Grandpa" about 20 times today! And every time I try to figure out the family connections and am still confused! As soon as the song was finshed Jonah would say "more Papa" again. I think we wore out track #2. And after listening 2 dozen times to a song about how someone married a widow whose daughter married his father I still haven't figured out how this makes his son a brother-in-law to his dad!