So I normally don't put songs on repeat. I think that its hard to pick a song that you actually want to have on repeat for too long. But if you want to know if its a song that you want to listen to on repeat, then just do it. You'll know soon enough!

I found this out today with a song that I actually enjoy listening to because it makes me laugh. We were playing a children's cd from the library, it had some childrens classics sung by Country Artists. We were on track 3 when Jonah said "all done." I said "oh, you're done with the music?" He said "more Papa". I said, "oh we'll see him soon." But he was pointing to the cd player. That is when we pushed repeat for the first of three times today.

Yes, I listened to "I'm my own Grandpa" about 20 times today! And every time I try to figure out the family connections and am still confused! As soon as the song was finshed Jonah would say "more Papa" again. I think we wore out track #2. And after listening 2 dozen times to a song about how someone married a widow whose daughter married his father I still haven't figured out how this makes his son a brother-in-law to his dad!


jessa said...

haha, i remember, and LOVE that song :)