Where there is smoke, there is fire

We returned recently from a trip to Illinois and Indiana where we visited with family and enjoyed a retreat for Campus Ministers. Jonah even stayed with one of his "Ninny's" (what he calls his grandma's) while we were at the retreat. On this trip we noticed that Jonah now thinks that where there is smoke, there is obviously a fire. I think we have our friend James to thank for this. While at a couple of bonfires a few weeks ago James and Jonah sang many songs about fire together. (Jonah now thinks that James' name is actually "fire".) Anyway, Jonah noticed "fire" this week at both the china buffet (steam pouring off of the food) and while crossing the Staley Viaduct (Staley's huge smokestacks are the main contributer to Decatur Illinois' infamous smell) (in case you haven't been to the Soybean Capital of the World, this smell is NOT good). Thanks, James, for teaching our kiddo a new word and a new concept!