The Diaper Debate

Jonah has just turned two and is already showing interest in potty training. Well, I'm not sure about the training part, but he does like to sit on the potty and always "goes". But, he like the characters from Sesame Street even more which means I made a mistake when I used my Pampers coupon at a store where they were already on sale. Even though we've been wearing underwear most mornings we now refuse because we insist on wearing Ernie, Zoe (whom we call Happy because she does a dance and sings "happy" in a video that he's seen like twice), Big Bird...diapers. Buy Elmo underwear you say? Do they exsist? And if so, where? I wish he was content with the 20 pairs of barely worn SpongeBob and Buzz Lightyear hand-me-downs that are sitting in his drawer.