Where there is smoke, there is fire

We returned recently from a trip to Illinois and Indiana where we visited with family and enjoyed a retreat for Campus Ministers. Jonah even stayed with one of his "Ninny's" (what he calls his grandma's) while we were at the retreat. On this trip we noticed that Jonah now thinks that where there is smoke, there is obviously a fire. I think we have our friend James to thank for this. While at a couple of bonfires a few weeks ago James and Jonah sang many songs about fire together. (Jonah now thinks that James' name is actually "fire".) Anyway, Jonah noticed "fire" this week at both the china buffet (steam pouring off of the food) and while crossing the Staley Viaduct (Staley's huge smokestacks are the main contributer to Decatur Illinois' infamous smell) (in case you haven't been to the Soybean Capital of the World, this smell is NOT good). Thanks, James, for teaching our kiddo a new word and a new concept!

Caught Red Handed

Tonight Jonah pointed to the refridgerater and said "milk". So I opened it up and handed him his cup from dinner. I then walked to the rear of the house to brush my teeth and do a couple of other things. I noticed a minute or two later that he had not followed me nor could I hear him. Thinking this was a bad sign, I walked back towards the kitchen wondering what he was up to.

Then I remembered the strawberries.

Sure enough, his head was in the fridge with a strawberry in his mouth. A little hand was still in the bowl of strawberries that I had just washed and hulled. The formally brimming bowl was now only three-quarters full. He looked up with a genuine look of innocence and said "more?".

Romance at its finest

Yes, I have a date tonight! As you can probably guess, if you know my husband, we are going to the opening of Star Wars III. I will admit that its not my top choice for a date, there are other things that I would rather do. But before you come over in your Jedi costume, know that am looking forward to it (I look forward to anything that gets me out of the house!). I have to find it funny that the day before Mother's Day Jake admits to me that he has yet to purchase my gift but 2 weeks ago we were in line getting our tickets for tonight. I will also point out that we got married in the same month that Star Wars I came out. My husband still says that he is amazed that three of the most important things (those two along with his college graduation) that happened in his life occurred within weeks of each other. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he has had a babysitter lined up for weeks too since he compares our wedding to the release of a movie. And I know its not just any movie, so put your light saber down. But really, being married with a kid makes me realize that I have to be thankful for the time we do have together ( even if he does forget that I'm there). But I think I will insist on ice cream afterwards, it is a date!

Business Woman

Tonight marks the night of the beginning of a new business venture for me. This is the secong time my friend Claudia and I have attempted to supplement our families incomes by going in together and doing something we haven't done before. The first started off slow and ended will no real losses but no capital gain either. Actually, I still have a stock of bedrolls and hooded towels if you're interested. They make great gifts. But tonight is something different. Tonight is an Open House for our Mother's Day Out (we call it Tike Time, isn't that cute?). I'm a little nervous that Claudia and I will be doing the centers and eating the cookie all by ourselves tonight. So, if you're in the area and need some place to bring your kid this summer, check us out, our price is very reasonable!


Today Jonah "stole" these pink heart shaped glasses from his friend London and has had them on for several hours now. His curly hair already seems to stump strangers on his gender so theses cool shades aren't really helping his case. But, isn't he cute? (You don't have to answer that).

The Diaper Debate

Jonah has just turned two and is already showing interest in potty training. Well, I'm not sure about the training part, but he does like to sit on the potty and always "goes". But, he like the characters from Sesame Street even more which means I made a mistake when I used my Pampers coupon at a store where they were already on sale. Even though we've been wearing underwear most mornings we now refuse because we insist on wearing Ernie, Zoe (whom we call Happy because she does a dance and sings "happy" in a video that he's seen like twice), Big Bird...diapers. Buy Elmo underwear you say? Do they exsist? And if so, where? I wish he was content with the 20 pairs of barely worn SpongeBob and Buzz Lightyear hand-me-downs that are sitting in his drawer.

What kind of restaurant is this?

I told Jonah on Tuesday that we were going out for lunch. He immediatly said "hotdog". I said sure, you can have a hotdog. (If I ask him what he had for breakfast, he'll also say hotdog. So although I knew that he like hotdogs I wasn't too concerned about it but instead was aware of his limited vocabulary). But wouldn't you know, as soon as we sat down at the diner he told the waitress"hotdog". She yelled at the lady in the back (owner? manager? another waitress? who knows) who said something like"we're all out". So the waitress instead brings a totally yummy looking grilled cheese that I was willing to trade my chicken sandwich for. Jonah said "hotdog?". So instead of eating Jonah flirted with the ladies in the booth behind us and watching the airplanes out the window (we were at the Airport Cafe). So we packed up the sandwich and stopped by my friend Claudia's house who was serving hotdogs for lunch!! Jonah again said "hotdog?". She happily traded her hotdog for his $3 grilled cheese. I'm pretty sure that he thinks he got the better end of the deal!

The world is my canvas

Yesterday I walked into the computer room where I left Jonah sitting at the computer desk, looking at my wallpaper which is a picture of him with his Big Bird and Elmo. He was holding his orange hawaiian shirt up with one hand and writing on his belly with a green marker with the other. I guess his arms weren't big enough for what he had in mind!

Bert and Ernie

My friend Claudia gave Jonah Bert and Ernie stuffed animals. They were leftovers from our multi family garage sale. He has quickly figured out how to say both of their names and he knows that they go together. He was very sad that Ernie came out to dinner with us but Bert did not. He woke up this morning and there was this grey lint in his bed that he was concerned about. I said "Trash?". He said, "Bert". Bert had a boo-boo. Poor Bert was "leaking" in two spots. I sewed him up tonight and Jonah then wanted me to fix all of his stuffed animals. There is something very sweet about sewing up one of your child's special "friends" (even if it is one that is new to him and someone else has loved on forever, maybe that even makes it more sweet).