Last week Jonah and I were playing a new self invented game caleed "Monster Baby". Basically I lay on my bed bed and pretend to sleep (tough job) and Jonah stands on the bed. Whenever he raises his arms he turns into "Monster Baby" and I'm suppose to scream. If I don't do it soon enough, he screams for me. Then he dives on the bed, I tickle him, he gets up, repeat. While we were playing this game I was asking him what his name was- trying to get him to tell me when he was Jonah and when he had turned into "Monster Baby". It turns out that he has changed his name to Chocolate Milk (pronounced Chalk Milk). He no longer tells us that his name is Jojo, he says that its Chalk Milk (first name Chocolate, last name Milk). Even we're not playing our favorite game.

Disgruntled Potty Trainer

So all of a sudden my little boy who has been interested in the "big boy potty" for almost a year has decided that he doesn't like it anymore. Not only that, but he doesn't seem to mind a wet soggy diaper either. I know that forcing my desire to have him out of diapers is not recommended by experts on child development- but I decide to just see what he would do if he made him try. He sat there but was unhappy with every book I gave him or shirt I suggested that he wear. I decided to leave him alone and let him "take care of business". He startd shouting "fla, fla..." "What is a fla?" I ask Jake. He is equally stumped. Flag! He was shouting flag! He wanted to wear the hand-me-down Old Navy flag shirt from 2003 that I suggested 2 shirts ago! So although we aren't any closer to being out of diapers, we've been getting dressed with out too many fits lately (except when our airplane shirt is dirty...).

Seal of Approval

So we were first introduced to Nutella by a French couple. I've been afraid to admit to them that I've been devouring Aldi's brand. Its just so good. And so cheap. Anyway, I met another French guy this week and we were talking about French foods. He was complaining about the French bread here in the states. After that comment I wasn't going to bring up the generic Nutella. But he did! He suggested it! He said that it has his approval. Okay, so I'm not so embarrased about being cheap (at least about chocoate spreads).