Disgruntled Potty Trainer

So all of a sudden my little boy who has been interested in the "big boy potty" for almost a year has decided that he doesn't like it anymore. Not only that, but he doesn't seem to mind a wet soggy diaper either. I know that forcing my desire to have him out of diapers is not recommended by experts on child development- but I decide to just see what he would do if he made him try. He sat there but was unhappy with every book I gave him or shirt I suggested that he wear. I decided to leave him alone and let him "take care of business". He startd shouting "fla, fla..." "What is a fla?" I ask Jake. He is equally stumped. Flag! He was shouting flag! He wanted to wear the hand-me-down Old Navy flag shirt from 2003 that I suggested 2 shirts ago! So although we aren't any closer to being out of diapers, we've been getting dressed with out too many fits lately (except when our airplane shirt is dirty...).