Last week Jonah and I were playing a new self invented game caleed "Monster Baby". Basically I lay on my bed bed and pretend to sleep (tough job) and Jonah stands on the bed. Whenever he raises his arms he turns into "Monster Baby" and I'm suppose to scream. If I don't do it soon enough, he screams for me. Then he dives on the bed, I tickle him, he gets up, repeat. While we were playing this game I was asking him what his name was- trying to get him to tell me when he was Jonah and when he had turned into "Monster Baby". It turns out that he has changed his name to Chocolate Milk (pronounced Chalk Milk). He no longer tells us that his name is Jojo, he says that its Chalk Milk (first name Chocolate, last name Milk). Even we're not playing our favorite game.