Smarter than Sand

I like to joke that the difference between my family and Jake's is that at my house you sit around and watch a lot of TV and at Jake's house you do five projects at once while 3 conversations are going on around you. Our houses are different and I appreciate the relaxing atmosphere at my parent's house but also the productivity that can occur at my in-laws (not that I can't relax there or that we never get anything done here, but if I was going to generalize...).

So Jonah and I left the Disney channel to go down south to spend some time with his grandma and grandpa last month. Project Number 1 was get sand for Jonah to play in at their house. And a sandbox. So we went to Wal-mart and after a little work we got a big kiddie pool (on clearance for $1) tied into the back of the truck. We then drove to the gravel pit and asked for a little sand. Jonah and I walked back to the sand pile while his grandma drove the truck onto the scale and after being weighed drove back to the sand pile. A very nice man shoveled it into to our pool until we said "stop." Then, here is where the smart part comes in, we ALL got into the truck (not the nice man, just Jonah, myself, and my mother-in-law) and pull on the scale to be WEIGHED. As we were driving away Cathy says, "Hmmmm, that was $5 dollars, I thought when I called a few weeks ago they said it would be about that much for a whole load." WHOOPS!!! I bet they didn't calculate Jonah and I when they were giving her a quote on how much it would cost to buy sand for her new patio!

Once we got the "sand pool" off the truck (it took some effort, ramps, and a little digging) Jonah loved it, so I guess it was worth the cost of a few more pounds of sand!

A Series of Searches

Some say that moving is a "new start" but what they really mean is that it is a lot of searching! I am happy to say that Jake has completed the "job search" (he will be joining the marketing team at Decatur Electronics) and we have moved on to the "house search." It isn't going as quickly as we would like (but not as slow as the job search, amen!). Our realtor did inform us today that we currently hold the record for the most offers she has written on different houses for one couple. She has only been a realtor for a couple years but we did sign offer NUMBER #3 today. (Houses #1 and #2 did not work out, long stories). We hope that House #3 is "it" (but I won't post pictures or anything until they sign on the dotted line because at this rate we could be looking at house #4 tomorrow...). So then we can move on to the "church search" and the "second vehicle search" and the "doctor(s) search"...