Free: Entertainment and Education

My mom was just telling me last week that I was going to learn a lot by having a two year old! And she was right! She was was referring to the number of large construcion vehicles that I now know the name of, thanks to Jonah. Elmo videos are no longer the trend in our house but instead we borrow "There Goes a______" (insert a form of transportation) videos from the library. We have currently seen: "There Goes a Train", "There Goes a Firetruck", "There Goes a Monster Truck", "There goes a Big Truck" and of course, "There goes a Bulldozer."

And though I appreciate now knowing the difference between a escavator and a backhoe (yes, he points them out to me as we drive down the street), I think I have the learned the most from "There Goes a Bus."

I have been trying for weeks to take him on a bus ride. Its free and there are stops not too far from our house. So we packed a bag of snacks and books (just in case we got bored) and drove to the nearest stop. The "tour" was a hour around town and Jonah loved it. As we were approaching our stop I noticed a sign lit up at the front of the bus that said "stop requested." So I looked behind me and sure enough, there was a cord that streched across the length of the bus that you pull when you want to stop- just like in "There Goes a Bus". When we were watching the video I thought "I've never seen that before." I'm so glad I educated myself before taking our "trip"- we might still be circling the town!