Translator needed in the Kitchen!

Yesterday was just a very interesting day in our house-Jonah was quite the entertainer. Elmo joined us for dinner. He sat in the chair next to Jonah with a helping of pot pie and minded his manners until he started sliding down in his seat. Jonah looked at Elmo and said (or at least we thought he said)
"Elmo seat dead."
"What?" we said!
I thought no more "Finding Nemo" for you (we had borrowed it from the library the day before).
After dinner he said, "Dead?".
"Elmo see Dead, hotdog?".
"Ohhhhhhhhh", we said.
We were going to see our friend DEB (not dead) at a Fall Festival where they were going to have hotdogs. Elmo was not dead. He just wanted a hotdog (wasn't he full from his potpie?) What a relief, I wasn't quite ready to discuss the mortality of stuffed animals just yet.


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