I keep forgetting to post the details that Rhonda asked for (thanks everyone too for all of the well wishes regarding our pregnancy!).

Here are the basics:
We are 17 weeks.
Due August 5th.
Don't know what we're having yet but hope to find out at our next ultrasound in a couple of weeks. Jonah is SURE we are having a girl though. Today though he said he wanted it to be a boy so that he can be the big brother. I guess he's a little confused in thinking HE will be the big SISTER if the baby is a girl. I got to try and explain that one again, I obviously didn't do a very good job the first time.

Here's the stuff you probably don't want to know:
We needed help from a specialist this time around. We saw, Dr Jarrett, from Indy and totally loved him. He was the first doctor to give us a reason why went through three years of surgeries, a miscarriage, and lots of drugs and heartache, and was still left with empty arms. We agreed morally with the way he did things and thought his staff couldn't be more encouraging and helpful.

Although we are SO HAPPY to be at this point I still have to convince myself that it is very probable that we are going to get a baby "out of this deal". Maybe I'll believe it during labor, or maybe when I'm holding him or her, or up all night feeding...


RHONDA said...

good details.