Valentine's Day is for girls

Yesterday morning I suggested to little J that he wear a red shirt for Valentine's Day. Apparently, I shouldn't of mentioned such a thing because red and pink are FOR GIRLS. He informed me that he was going to wear green and blue. And Batman. He first put on a green t-shirt followed by a long sleeve blue t-shirt. The outfit was completed by a too-tight batman t-shirt worn over the first 2 shirts.

Once we were dressed we finally made it to pre-school, valentines in hand. The first thing he said to me when he got in the car was, "I got a lot of girl things." As he looked through his valentines in the backseat I heard him mumble "I'm tired of this girl stuff." I informed him that I was happy to take any of the "girl stuff" off of his hands. To my surprise he said okay. I wasn't sure if I should give him a talk about how there are probably things that he likes inside the pink Barbie bags or should I just hope for lots of gummy hearts? Instead I settled for "Well do you think the girls liked your Superman valentines and tatoos?". He responded with a look of shock that said "why WOULDN'T you like Superman and that you can never have enough tatoos with a big S on it". So much for that strategy.

When we got to the Dairy Queen parking lot to meet a friend for lunch I helped him do the dirty work of looking inside the pink bags. I discovered a very nice pink pencil with hearts on it that he immediatly looked scared of. I suggested that maybe he give it to our friend Ashley, who was meeting us for lunch, for Valentine's Day. He said that he couldn't because if he touched it, he might turn into a girl.


Sara said...

Hey! Some how I have lost your email! Please email me if you have it!

Ashley said...

Yuck! Girl coodies! :-)

pastorwick said...

dang straight. pink is for girls.