Good Samaritan

Today Jonah and I pulled up at Wal-mart and parked directly in front of a cart corral. In the very back of the corral (which looked like the front to Jonah) was the conveted of all carts (at least among the 2 year old crowd)- a cart with a red car on it! You get to "drive" while your mommy shops! But, the corral was SO full, 2 rows of carts. I can do this, I thought. So I unbuckled Jonah but told him to stay in the car as I gave it a try. An old lady laughed at my ambitions as I tried to put all of the carts into a single row. But then, a buff, bald guy in his forties saved the day- he just lifted the cart over the railing and told me to have a good day! And we did, thanks to him!