Fearless First Day

Pre-school resumed this week after four summer months off. Even after a long break, there were no tears or fears (for either of us) when it came time for drop off.

Although I'm pleased with the easy transition I'm not happy with the lack of reports I've been getting from him. He has a great memory and is perfectly capable of telling me about his day, at least he would last year. But this year he is "all boy" in his reports, which are "I can't tell you, its a secret." I suppose I shouldn't be surprised when next year his answer to "what did you do at school today?" is a very informative "nothing"! (On a similar note he expects a 12 step answer to all of his questions. Here is a replay of a conversation he had with my friend, Brooke: J-"why is your hair yellow, I thought it was brown?", B-"I colored it." J-"How did you color it?" B- "A lady did it" J- "How did she do it?" B-"She put chemicals on my hair and it changed colors" J-"What after she put chemicals on your hair?, "Why did you want it to be yellow?" "Where does she live", "Will it turn back to brown?"....)

Pictures above: His first day of school with his family banner, a play date to the zoo following school, and a photo session that Jonah arranged prior to church this past Sunday.