T is for TV Dinner

This summer Jonah and I started Alphabet Dinners. It began with him selecting a letter out of a bag. We would then go to the store and purchase foods that begin with that letter and make them for one fun and random dinner.

The first week we had a W Dinner consisting of waffles and watermelon (no one was interested in the water chesnuts). Since then Jonah has started requesting which letter our dinner should be based upon. For instance, we recently had a R dinner because his favorite drink, root beer, begins with R. He is starting to recognize letter sounds, which was the point of this activity, so I guess I shouldn't complain about what is motivating him.

But I will say that I was suprised when he asked for a T dinner and we weren't having tacos but instead his favorite lunch time treat- TV dinners.

Surprisingly our most well balanced Alphabet Dinner was the XYZ Dinner that we had last week. We had Yams and Zuchinni but X? I cheated on that one- we saw Xtra Special Cake in our Alphabet Bakery Cookbook . I thought couldn't anything be Xtra Special? So we had Xtra Special Chicken Pockets (which I'd be thinking about for quite some time but hadn't actually made).

Any ideas for a Q Dinner Menu?


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Jonathan said...

Quesadillas. Quince. Quixotic jello surprise. Qom-grilled chicken and spices.

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