Will you smell my chicken?

I had the stomach flu yesterday and just didn't trust my stomach or my nose today. But I just KNEW that the package of chicken that I opened did not smell right when I opened it today. It was had an overwhelming funky smell, not just a slightly bad smell. I took it down the street to my neighbor and asked her if she would please smell my chicken. She was happy to (like I ask her to smell poultry all of the time) and confirmed that I was correct in my chicken assessment- it was BAD. She asked me a few home ec type questions like "when did you buy it?" "when is the sell by date?" and "where did you store it?". Upon answering "2 days ago", "4 days from now" and "fridge" She told me to take it back! I was happy to hear that Kroger did NOT want my rotten chicken back but were happy upon seeing my receipt to give me a good smelling bird. Supper is saved!


pastorwick said...

I must say I don't know too many people who would take poultry down the road for a neighbor to smell. Glad to know the Tolbert's. :)

shawanda said...

Hey, remember me? Not only have I come back to the blogging world after a year long hibernation, but I've changed locations. I've linked to my new blog from my Blogger account if you're interested.

Also, John and I have created an official site for his famous Top 5 lists. More information about the site can also be found in my last Blogger post. We hope you stop by.

tddoog said...
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