More Bad News

Early this morning (5:00 am!), my water broke completely.

We headed to the hospital. They did tests and things and decided to send me to Carle Clinic in Champaign.

Here, they're going to run some tests and whatnot, and will hold me till either things go bad or the baby's delivered.

We saw the nurse practioner...she said 70% of people go into labor within a week of their water breaking. And that right now is a critical time for the baby's lung development, something the fluid really helps with.

If the baby's born right now, or w/in a week, it probably won't make it. Even just a little later and it might make it but have substantial handicaps (blindness, severe mental retardation, etc).

Or if we went past 30 weeks, the baby might not be born with fully developed lungs. You can imagine how much of a problem that would be.

We're hanging in there, but are pretty sad. Right now, they're running tesst to make sure I don't have any infections.

It's scary and probably bad news, but we're trying to hold out and be positive.

Keep praying!


pastorwick said...

definitely prayin' you guys.

we want to be here for you, but want to give you breathing room too. let us know if there's anything we can do. (tell Jake to grab a crossword book)

you're being prayed for by more than we can count.