Overnight Details

This is Jake posting--Jenn's sleeping.

First of all I wanted to thank everybody for your comments--that really means a lot to us.

Second, this is the details post, so if you're not up for that, here's the quick summary:

Jenn and I are doing just fine physically, but are both really tired/hungry. We're tentatively planning a funeral for the baby in Flora late Sunday afternoon.

Ok, so on to the whole story.

Late afternoon yesterday, Jenn started getting some cramping and some light contractions. A few minutes later (coincidentally), the doctor came in to give her medicine to induce labor.

We sat around waiting for something to happen for a long time. Jenn got an epidural, but no mind-altering drugs. One good thing about all this: it confirmed for Jenn that she made the right decision with Jonah not to have an epidural--she hated not being able to feel or move her legs.

About 3:00 in the morning, things really started. She had about a half an hour of craziness, strong contractions--15 minutes of it was pushing. And then the baby came--stillborn.

I held her and cried for a while. Then we let them take her away and I fell asleep. Jenn says they slowly got her ready to move, and eventually moved her over to a post-partum room.

She's doing just fine physically, but is way too tired to much more than really confused and sort of sad emotionally. I imagine it'll be different once she gets caught up on sleep.

They're planning on releasing her late this afternoon--she's got to get some rest and one more round of antibiotics first.

We're planning a funeral, probably Sunday afternoon, so people can get there if they want (no pressure), in Flora, IL.

I don't know about visitors--I don't know if we're really up for that today. Maybe later at home--I dunno. When we have official details, we'll post back.

Thanks for your support, everybody--it really means a lot.