Avoiding a 4 month long discussion (maybe)

We've been avoiding the "name talk" since we've found out that we were pregnant. Maybe we haven't actually been avoiding it so much as we just haven't really gotten around to having a real discussion about it. As I approached that 20 week mark we decided that maybe should at least talk about it a little.

With Little J, I knew what I wanted to name a boy and and we quickly formed a short list in case it was a girl. Naming our firstborn seemed pretty easy. But since then we realized that we could not agree on another boy name. Maybe I have been avoiding this talk for that very reason.

The talk went the same way it has in the past, Big J rejects every name I suggest and in return comes back with a ridiculous one. His current "favorite" is Luke (first name) Skywalker (middle name). I think that Little J thinks that if we has a little brother his name will truly be Luke Skywalker.

I'm a little relieved that the ultrasound tech is "sure" that this baby is a girl. We LOVE the fact we will soon have one of each although another boy would have been fine. Except that the girl short list seems a lot more appealing than four months of "Luke Skywalker". I think I would have to agree to the first "real" name he suggested.

The question of the day is: if I handed him the birth certificate form could he REALLY sentence our child to Luke Skywalker for the rest of his life?


RHONDA said...

jenn- i agree. that is like naming your child bart simpson