You know how you wake up from a bad dream and realize it was just a dream? And you are SO glad that you don't have to face the consequences of stealing a car or being lost in a dark field alone(mine usually don't get much crazier than that).

Today I woke up and thought for just a second that what happened yesterday was just a bad dream. But soon realized that my nightmare was in fact real. I really am leaking amniotic fluid at only 21 weeks pregnant. This is very scary because if I lose too much they will have to take the baby whose chances of survival are VERY slim at this point.

Please pray for us! The best thing that could happen is for the hole in my placenta to heal its self, which means that I likely could carry her to term. If that doesn't happen then the next best thing would be for enough fluid to be contained (yesterday there was plenty) for her to be able to develop for at least 3 more weeks, 7 more would be much better!

I will try to post regularly on this blog baby updates, but still feel like you can call and e-mail. I'm on complete bedrest and can use the "company".


beegracious said...

I slept horrible most of the night after reading your email. My heart hurts when I think of you but I pray God will turn this nightmare into a beautiful dream come true.