Norah Rose

We named our dear sweet baby in heaven Norah Rose. She was 1 lb 13 oz and 10 inches long.

I think Jake mentioned that we are having a short gravesite service at Oak Mound
Cemetary in Flora, IL at (we think) 3pm on Sunday. Frank and Bright Funeral home have been so sweet, they provide everything for FREE because they feel that no one should have to go through this (we agree).

We are holding up okay today. Your comments have helped A LOT!


Nuffy Noe said...

We would be there at the service if we could, Toberts, but know that our hearts are there with you.

jeff and lisa miller

Shelly said...

Hey guys-we're still praying for all of you and thinking about you constantly. It's good to hear that your doing as well as can be expected. Love you all!

Steve, Shelly and Tanner

Melody said...

Sounds like you're holding up pretty well. I'm so glad that funeral home is providing everything to you. There are too few people like that in this world. I have again asked some of my family and friends to continue to pray for you and Jake. Wish I could do more!

Tressa said...

Jenn and Jake (and Jonah) -
My thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish I knew what words to say. Know that I am thinking of you all and sending love your way.

-Tressa Stanley

sam said...

that's a beautiful name, for a beautiful little life that you'll never forget. my heart aches for you guys.
i love you. *lisa m (not sam)

Deena said...

We love you guys. I just wanted you to know that.