Hogging the Limelight

Jake made the media again, along with Jonah this time.

Check out the Herald and Review to see them in our local paper. I had a my Threads of Hope bible study but I sent Jake to this kindergarten readiness meeting. There is actually an office whose goal is the research and development of curriculum to prepare for kindergarten.

The best thing about it was that he received 11 free books and activities to do with each of them! But has he looked at each of them Jonah said that he had read them at his school so apparently they had done the program at his pre-school, which was part of the public school system. Oh well, we will do it again at home and enjoy our free books.


Steph H. said...

You guys are so famous his week! How fun.

Shelly said...

That's awesome!

What rock stars!

wrtrgrl77 said...

I think the Tolberts are going to be local celebrities before long. :)