Defeating Defeat

I've been dreading today, the first day of VBS, for quite some time now. Today was suppose to mark the beginning of the "downward stretch" for me. The last 6 weeks. If I could make it to now then everything would definitely be okay. Well, we all know that I didn't "make it" until today and that everything was far from okay. Because I was expecting to be miserable this week I opted out of teaching a class this year, something that one of the directors did not love to hear because she was already feeling low on teachers. I did not give into the guilt I was feeling because I really don't feel 100% and really don't feel like I can patiently handle a room full of rowdy VBS-ers. So I requested to be in the kitchen. I think I picked a good year to be on the kitchen crew since our theme is Game Day (a sports theme) and our kitchen is the concession stand - no making 125 cell phone out of graham crackers just nachos, hot dogs, and popcorn.

So I woke up today, the day I was sure that I would feel defeated, to a little boy with white spots on the back of his throat who was hoarse and couldn't drink his favorite orange juice AND the realization that our van is STILL in the shop. So instead of having time to be sad I had to make a doctors appointment and dropped Jake off at work all in time to get to VBS in time to help assemble nachos for a crowd.

VBS was fine, I was plenty busy without having to to be "on" the whole morning. The kids loved the nachos and I got Jonah to the doctor on time. He has a viral infection so we picked up some anitbotics (just in case) and can return to VBS tomorrow. Our van is fixed, we are picking it up tonight after we pay a $800 bill for a new computer something-something.

Today I'm feeling thankful for distractions that are helping me NOT feel defeated, not necessarily encouraged, but not as if I've completely lost the game either.


Shelly said...

I totally understand what you mean.

Thank God for the small things.

Love ya!