The Good Stuff

Jake and I recently celebrated our 9th anniversary on May 29th. We decided to do our date about a hour from home because we had a gift card to Biaggi's (and we don't have one here in town). It was storming that night and although I think we missed driving in the worst of the rain, the streets were flooded by the time we got there. The roads were blocked off and police officers were helping people out of their cars. The street that we knew the resturant was on was flooded, but one quick phone call to my brother-in-law helped us to find Biaggi's without missing our reservation. After our nice Italian dinner (I had my first cannoli) we then went see Indiana Jones (romance at its finest). We both enjoyed it though we will admit that there were some dumb parts. I didn't care for part of the ending, personally...

Our anniversary assured me of two things:
1. I have been married for 9 years, therefore I CAN buy new skillets. I don't think teflon is suppose to last that long and I SHOULD replace them.

2. Although I am VERY sad, there is still some GOOD stuff in my life. I'm so thankful for Jake and Jonah and the family I DO have. And those are the BIG things. But there are little things too, little things that seem unimportant but make you smile and think "I'm going to be okay"

Here's some of my "little" things from the past few days/weeks:

my husband is willing to take the bus so I won't be stranded without a car (because our van is STILL in the shop, oh minivan, how I miss thee)

my mom called with leftovers that just happened to of just came off the grill, that she wrapped up so we could take them "to go" so we could eat with friends

two friends, who are lots better at the couponing business than I am, called me at the same time to tell me NOT to go to Kmart because the "make-up" deal was NOT working

my small group can consume a whole pan of "Gail's Coffeecake" straight from the oven (with good reason, maybe I will post this recipe soon)

I got 7 boxes of cereal at CVS this week for 1.57 out of pocket (yes!)

someone that I barely know from church called today and offered me a FREE ticket and hotel room to Women of Faith this weekend, I'm still working out the details but I would be crazy not to go

Jonah gives me a hug whenever I am sad

Jonah makes me not only watch shows from all 16 seasons of Power Rangers on YouTube but also Power Rangers shows in other languages as well as a show that is produced by Bandaii (I think), the same company that made Power Rangers

I'm almost to the end of Season Three of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and therefore ready to watch hers and Sully's wedding (!)

I taked to my neice Karly on the phone today- she can say my name!

today (this is sort of a big thing)I received a check from another concerned Arkansas friend, I'm knee deep in medical bills and SO tired of dealing with it but it makes me feel good that our friends are concerned about our finances

That's some of my "Good Stuff" for the week, that made me think I CAN get through this summer! What's your Good Stuff?


Shelly said...

GREAT post, Jenn. Wow, you've really been thinking, haven't you girl?! I love your list of good things!! Sometimes we get so bogged down with all the stress and bad things going on in life (and in the world in general) that we forget to look at the good things. Thanks for the reminder!

A few of my good things:

1. Although I am very homesick and sad not to be around family at this point in time, I'm thankful for our church (and work) family and friends. They really step up and help take care of others who are in need.

2. My girl is healthy.

3. I finally understand what it means to have a soulmate. I also finally understand what it feels like to want to be married for a lifetime. What a great feeling.

4. I'm so thankful for my girl's weekend in New York. It was a trip of a lifetime and I'm so thankful I was able to be a part of it.

5. God really takes care of us just when we've given up hope. It's not always easy to see the things He's got going, but evenutally, it all makes sense. Thank you Jesus!!

Those are just a few. I'm excited to read others comments and see what their good things are. :)

Thanks again for the reminder! Love ya girl!

Ashley said...

sounds good to me! And yes you should post the recipe for the coffee cake. It is sooo yummy.

Sara said...

Here are a few good things. Mine might seem really shallow comparatively, but good is good, right?!

1. I've rediscovered Chocolate milk!
2. Ashton went #2 in the toilet this morning without me even telling her to. (And she had her TWO accidents for the much more patient grandma-like care giver this afternoon!)
3. Reed still says "swumming."
4. You are going to post a yummy recipe.
5. My preliminary part in VBS is over, I think!
6. My husband and I celebrated our 13th anniversary with a TWO night stay (at a casino...shh) which meant one whole day of just us!
7. My family (And God) forgives me on a daily, perhaps hourly, basis! And for some odd reason, they still like me and want to be with me!
8. It is not windy today!!

food tv junkie said...

Awesome. Ican't believe it's been nine years. crazy how time flies! Here are my good things.

1. I got a new pan this week too (I lost track of my frying pans in the move and am hoping to find them somewhere in the office boxes) Anyway, its stainless and was pretty darn expensive ... for me... but I've cooked in it everyday this week.

2. Also, we are going to Superman fest in Metropolis tomorrow.

3. We got free tickets to a minor league baseball game for Sunday.

4. And we are all healthy.

jess said...


please know that i think about you guys all the time. i enjoyed reading your list! i love you!

here is some of my good stuff:

1)im thankful that today was rainy
2)there is a bird nest in my gourd bird house and it's very exciting
3)i finally planted some tomatoes!
4)im so overwhelmed with how much i love my great family.
5)God is so spite of how unfaithful i often am.