Environmental Theory at its finest

I remember learning many theories about what effects children as they develop back from classes such as Child Development. One such theory by B.F. Skinner stated that environment was what effected children the most. Here are some funny examples of just that (well sort of, you probably won't see these in a text book).

As we were reading a book entitled "A diary of a worm" J asks, "what is a diary?" "A diary", I say, "is like a blog, only on paper." "Ohhhhhhhhhh" he says, now understanding.

How many more days of CVS? J really meant VBS. You can tell his mommy drags him somewhere besides church way too much!

At Wal-mart last week: Do you want a Spiderman or Spongebob t-shirt? J asks, "We can get it? Is it on sale?" Oh course its on sale ($3 with a pair of pants included)!


Holly said...

Is it on sale? That is a total crack up! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Sara said...

My kids don't even ask "can we get this..." without adding "if it's on sale?" Our kids think alike!

food tv junkie said...

Lucas was shopping with Grandma the other day and he told her she couldn't get something because it had "too much sugar" in it. I'm always mentioning this as we pass by the HO HO's and little debbie displays in the grocery store.