Mother's Day vs. the day before and the day after

Honestly, I was a little afraid of Mother's Day this year, I thought it might be a little more sad than most days. But my brother wanted to have everyone over for a cookout so we skipped church and town and headed to his house a couple of hours away in my parents' van. It was pouring down rain and hanging out with his in-laws was a welcome distraction, especially when Jonah could be heard saying "I'm not you're boyfriend" to my brother's 3 year old niece whenever she tried to hold his hand. When we got home we headed straight for a high school graduation party where Jonah followed around his favorite tween and Jake and I hung out with friends and watched home movies of the graduate. Before we went to bed that night Jake told me that he would refinish our dining room table for me for Mother's Day. Oh yeah, I had forgotten the day I was trying to forget!

The day before Mother's Day was unexpectedly much more sad than the holiday that I had feared. It was my first big garage sale day of the season and my mom and I were consistently reminded of things that I was SUPPOSE to be buying. It was sad to pass up the snuggly still in the box and the "in good condition" changing table. My dad wisely made the sales where we could see a sea of pink "drive-bys".

That brings me to the day after Mother's Day. I'm a little embarrassed about what happened that morning and Jake keeps laughing about it. I had signed up for a a few coupons via the internet with various baby product companies when I had found out that we were having a girl. In the past 6 weeks I had calming unsubscribed whenever I something ended up in my inbox. I had received one coupon in the mail which Jake tried to throw away without me seeing it. I rescued it to give to my friend Sarah because I'm not so depressed that I would throw away a $1.50 diaper coupon! But the e-mails have stopped except from Gerber. I have tried before to unsubscribe and was obviously unsuccessful. I attempted to try again on Monday only to find myself on a screen that said "Norah is on her way". Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, UNSUBSCRIBE! I was anything but calm when I called this poor lady from Gerber who said that she would walk it down there herself RIGHT NOW. I only hope that she could understand me enough over my sobs to give IT the right info or their e-mails will continue to taunt me (I did mark them as spam in hopes that that will take care of it if that was the case).