I think I have admitted before that I read way too much historical Christian Romances. I'm trying to branch out, I really am. But the point is that I was reading one a few weeks ago and noticed when I finished the book there was, of course, a happy ending. Following the Happy Ending there was an Epilogue. "Oh No" I thought, this is where they have the baby (I'll say again, I've read A LOT of Christian Romances). So I read how the newly married couple (who met under unusual circumstances and over came nearly impossible obstacles) where expecting their first baby, blah blah blah.

That led me to this deep thought which I been mulling over for almost a month now: Have I ALREADY got my Happy Ending? Is anything else just the Epilogue, the icing, the bonus or however you want to put it?

AND, if that is true, how do I enjoy my Happy Ending instead of just waiting around for the Epilogue? How do we NOT put our life on hold and enjoy what we have been blessed with? I mean I do have a very healthly little boy and a Linux loving husband who loves me too. Granted, we have to continue to mourn what we have lost, but is it possible to live as though our life is complete (and really believe it) when I've felt the incompleteness staring me hard in the face for three years? Can I just be hopeful for an Epilogue but not overtaken by the the desire?

Maybe this was a senseless post. Or maybe I'm not the only one hoping for an Epilogue of some kind (probably in other types of fiction different things happen during the Epilogue...).


Ashley said...

I think it is okay to still want and hope, but you have it pretty great. A good husbend, a super funny and cute 5 year old, a nice house, and tons of friends and family...sounds pretty good. Ican only hope to have what you do someday. Everyone has hard times, but not everyone can handle them with the grace that you are. Keep your smiling and hoping. <3 Ashley

Amber said...

Don't worry Jenn - your thoughts make more logical sense than most Janette Oke books. Actually, I found them quite relevant to my life: it's hard not to long for the next thing rather than being satisfied with all the good things already in my life.

a moore said...

I think you're getting to something here. There is a joy in what we have, even when there's something taken from us, there's still a joy. The pang is there but joy

Holly said...

Yep, I agree. You're on to something. I think it's a common struggle to be happy with what you have. I recently saw "The Kite Runner". It has changed my perspective on everything. It has also shaken my faith. I'm telling you, it has changed my life. And whenever I feel a complaint coming on, I think of that movie and thank God I do not live in a place like Afghanistan and begin praying for the oppressed. You WILL find joy on a daily basis again.