The key chain culprit

Yesterday I had loaded my van up with TP, charcoal, and two weeks worth of groceries and was preparing to drive home and drop off my goods before picking up Jonah from pre-school. When I got in the van and stuck my key in the ignition I was surprised that the key wouldn't turn. I had remembered that a couple of times in the past that the steering wheel had locked up on the car and that if I gave it some muscle I could unlock it and that would allow the key to turn. But the steering wheel didn't really feel locked, but I tried anyway. I called Jake and he told me to try harder. I did and in the process really locked up the steering wheel.

Jake met me in the Aldi's parking lot to confirm that the steering wheel wasn't the problem, that it had to be in the lock. He called AAA and asked them to send a locksmith. We then rushed to drop off the cold stuff at home and to get Jonah. I dropped Jake off at work and went back to Aldi's only to meet a tow truck, not a locksmith. But he kindly towed my van to his locksmith of choice who says that they fix this kind of stuff all day long. Two hours later it was finished. A tumbler or something like that had broke within the lock, apparently it happens a lot with Chrysler mini vans. They also said that heavy key chains can be the culprit. Maybe I only need 1 LED flashlight, not two. But I'm keeping the whistle.


Sara said...

Chrysler mini vans! Gotta Love Em! Is your keychain really that overweight? I mean is it just overweight or is it obese? Did they give you a specific weight loss goal to inspire you keychain to achieve? Do they have Weight Watchers for keychains?