The Job Search

Search is really the wrong word, because I am not doing anything active such as searching. But the jobs that friends have suggested that I apply for are because they "know" someone are:

-4th grade teacher at the local Christian School (am I ready for that commitment?
-Educator at the Children Museum (too much like teaching without the money)
-administration assistant at the Children Museum (too many hours, almost full time)
-barista at Starbucks ( I don't like coffee that much)
-billing "specialist" (I made that title up) at a local counseling office (are they really going to hire someone?)

I've also applied (all on my own) to sub in our district. But I would pretty much just take jobs at J's school because of timing- I don't have anyone to watch him before and after school. But, I'm still not in the system because I lack a current physical even though I've seen several doctors and had many extensive tests. I called my OB office to see if the nurse prac would do it but she has moved to an office a hour away! So now I have to get in as a new patient at a Family Prac. since I haven't been to one since we moved to Illinois.

I'm not loving any of my options (except for maybe the billing job but I don't think anyone knows for sure if they really can afford to hire someone). So I'm hoping that someone else will know someone else and point them in my direction!


Monkey Toes said...

I'm not a big reader...I'm too slow and prefer to listen to books on CD. Anyway, I have been reading a book called Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado. In light of this post, I think you may like the content. Just a suggestion.:O)

Sara said...

I think the barista sounds the most exciting. And it sure would make your hubby excited when you brought home all that free coffee!

Claudia said...

I wanna be a barista! that sounds exotic!
I say go "simple," whether barista or not. but something that will be a good distraction for you.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, everyone thinks you should work at Starbucks. Seriously, I don't like coffee that much either but loved my job at Coffee Express. And there are the chocolate cupcakes the size of saucers at most Starbucks I know. Plus the term "barista" sounds so distinguished .... like a judge or something.