Jonah passed level 2 (Guppies) last week! I didn't think he would pass because he just couldn't "scoop ice cream." Scooping ice cream (vanilla is always with your right hand and chocolate is always with your left, according to Jonah) is the basic front stroke (is that the proper name?) and he just couldn't get it! It was just too hard to keep your arms straight when you have to "scoop" them for a full 360 degrees! But it turns out, they just have to be able to float alone in order to pass this level. And we can float! So next summer we are ready for the next level, Beginner's Swimming!

He even jumped off the diving board a bunch but someone was always there to catch him. I think he was a little frustrated when we went to the pool today and I wouldn't catch him, but we stuck to the slide (where I can touch and safely catch him) and he was fine with that!


Lori said...

Great Job Jonah!

I took swimming lessons when I was a kid and was the only one in my family to make it to Jr. Lifeguard.

Sara said...

Yea for Jonah! Scooping ice cream for real is way more important anyway. Reed has 3 more days of lessons and is totally bummed that's it for the year. how is Jonah dealing with the graduation?

Lisa said...

Good job Jonah!