Five Bites

I was cooking dinner one day last week and J asked what we were having. I told we were having tacos. He say "Yea, now I don't have to have five bites!"

I figured out that he meant this: on nights when we doesn't eat a thing on his plate we tell him he has to eat five bites (because he is five). Because he likes tacos he doesn't need any encouragement to eat 5 (or more) bites.

Here are the things that Jonah says does NOT require the Five Bite Rule at dinner time:

some that aren't a surprise, loves by MOST kids:
Hot dogs
Mac and Cheese
french fries
mashed potatoes
any kind of fruit
green beans
grilled cheese

and some that you might not expect:
garbanzo beans (straight from the can, often for breakfast)
hummus (like Daddy makes)
peas (slightly frozen is fine)
sweet potatoes
black olives
raw peppers

DEFINITLY require the Five Bite Rule:
any kind of meat that is not in the form of a nugget
salad (all lettuce is salad)
mushrooms, zuchinni, other "weird" veggies and any combination of

Depends on the Day:
pasta with a sauce other than red or powered cheese
things that he likes mixed together


Katie said...

Maybe you should try Taco Salad and then maybe you can trick him in to eating salad. :-)
Even though tricking your kid is probably not the most nice-mommy thing to do, but seriously what do I know. I'm just a grownup kid myself.

Lori said...

Both of my kids love fish.

Personally, I agree with Jonah and love a taco.

j said...

Jace's list would look the same with the exception that he will NOT eat peanut butter - not even a cookie made with peanut butter.


pastorwick said...

He eats more than I usually do. Sarah only makes me eat 4 bites, though. :)

Sara said...

Sounds familiar! Reed does not like chicken unless it has the skin on (i.e.--nugget skin)

We had taco salad the other night and Ashton said she didn't want salad. I told her it was a requirement since that's what the dish is called!

Garbanzos, huh?

Shelly said...

We used to do the same age/bites thing with Tanner! Even now sometimes, I'll tell her she has to eat 12 bites since she's 12! She's not so fond of that "game" anymore.

I wish she had as good of taste as Jonah seems to have!