Jonah and Week Two

We made it through another week. I had some bad days but some okay days as well. I'm pretty sure that Jonah wore the same pair of plaid boxers for most of the week, but if that's the only thing I spaced on then I'm doing pretty good, right?

Speaking of Jonah, here are three "Jonah" stories since I've neglected to write about him recently:

Story One
Apparently Jonah has been processing everything that has happened to us over the last weeks because when we left him with a friend he recapped it all for her. She said he was pretty accurate concerning the order of events and even mentioned that he would see his little sister in heaven one day. He did say that her mode of transporation to heaven was in fact a spaceship, which our friend did not argue with. It sounded pretty cool to her, us too!

Story Two
This week made it clear that a milestone is approaching for us- kindergarten screening was Thursday. Jonah was excited and I only cried once (not so much about him going off to school soon, that will come later, but they asked him if he had brothers and sisters and apparently he told the whole story..). Anyway, the tester marked him as "borderline" ready because he confused his ankle and heel, did not know he had a jaw, and wrote a couple of letters in his name backwards. But his language skills are excellent (no kidding). We've already squared away the body parts issue and I knew we needed to work on our handwriting so I'm not stressing to much. I'm just thankful that he is looking forward to going to this "new school".

Story Three
In the midst of everything I decided to go ahead with having the garage sale with my parents and that we had planned before my life was turned upside down. I thought it would be a welcome distraction and it was. We didn't sell much on Sat. due to the SNOW but on Friday we did well, we moved a lot of toys. I split the toy profit with Jonah, an incentive to encourage him to put some toys in the sale. He made $10.50, which was $3 short of the Power Ranger Solar Morphers that he wants to purchase at the store. Jake thought it was a good idea to give him jobs to earn nine more quarters (he had a little cash in his piggy bank). But we ran out of quarter jobs for a five year old to do, so if you have any tables that need to be washed or wood chips that need to be swept- we've got the kid for the job!


Brooke said...

They are supposed to know they have a jaw? I don't think Jace has a clue. I will have to ask him and see what kind of response I get from him. Sounds like Jonah is doing well and keeping a smile on the faces around him. We continue to keep you in our prayers.


Shelly said...

Jenn I'm so glad to hear you made it through another week!! Your doing great!

I had no idea they need to know they have a jaw when they go to kindergarten! I don't think Tanner had to know that-or at least I don't remember it. Wierd. Jonah's gonna do great in school!

Don't forget that we're still thinking about you and praying for all of you guys!

Sara said...

Sounds like Jonah and Reed are on the same page--Lots of talking and words! With the jaw! I love it when Reed puts about 5 or 6 sticks on his E's in his name. He's growing out of that a bit.

We keep praying for you. It's good to hear Jonah's take. Keep writing.

Elizabeth said...

It was great to see you, Jake, and Jonah at Jen's wedding! I am praying for you all!!

Elizabeth Smith

Brooke said...

I did ask Jace about his jaw, ankle, and heel - he didn't know any of those. He knew that his favorite baseball player, Jimmy Rollins (Phillies!, sprained his 'ankle', but he didn't know what that meant. We are working on writing skills as well, but fortunately Jace has a pretty easy name to write:)

Ashley said...

I can never read enough cute Jonah stories. He says the funnyiest, cute things. I'm off next week so let me know if there is any time you want to get together. We can work on our book or just hang out!

Holly said...

I think it's so good and healthy that Jonah is talking about it. And a spaceship totally rocks!

Writing letters in your name seems to be an inaccurate test. I mean come on, Ivy, 3 letters...what about poor kids like Lafawndah!