I would rather have been bitten by a snake

Today I went to the lab to have a large amount of blood taken, for one final attempt to find out what went wrong a month ago. My doctor recommended that I check with my insurance company first, that sometimes they don't want to cover these types of tests. Since bills are coming in from three different doctors, two different hospitals and radiologists, one ambulance service and one anesthesiologist I figured I should do what I could to avoid a $2000 lab bill.

I called the lab, gave them the names of five hard to pronounce lab tests and they in return gave me many sets of numbers. I then called my insurance company and gave them these codes. After being on hold twice the benefits specialist got back on the line and asked if I had been bitten my a snake. WHAT? Have I been bitten by a snake??? Maybe being bitten by a venomous snake would have been less painful but apparently some of the same tests that they do when they are checking for the amount of venom in your body (or something like that) are the same they do for recurrent pregnancy lost. I'm pretty clueless about all of that, but WHAT??? A snake???


Brooke said...

A snake?? Sometimes things that happen or things that people say are so far out there that you just have to laugh. These moments make me think God is trying to lighten my day when everything seems to be so chaotic. I took Jace to his kindergarten orientation and I guess all went well, but didn't get much feedback. I know there are things he needs to work on, but if he was asked about his ankle or jaw, he passed!

RHONDA said...

My first thought is- It's not her business if you were bit by a snake. 2nd this proves once again that we need a better insurance system. from your opinionated friend in arkansas