The New and Improved Animal Cracker

So Jonah and I have a ritual where I put him on the counter top and he looks in the snack cabinet for something for his morning snack. Today he was very sure that he wanted Nutella. I thought, smart boy. If you don't know what that is, don't worry, we just had it for the first time this weekend when a French family brought it over. So, it is this totally yummy chocolate hazelnut spread (from France, I think). Anyway, she actually made crepes for us to enjoy it on, but I wasn't about to do that this morning. So the only thing that I could find worthy was a bag of animal crackers. I will never want to eat them plain again!


jess said...

jenn has a blog! fun! yeah nutella is yummy.

JennT said...

you are my first comment! I hope that I"m commneting on my comment correctly!