He does it all!

So I knew that Big Giant Elmo (our "pet" name for Jonah's huge Elmo that he got for Christmas from his Great Aunt Susie)does lots of things. I knew he eats and drinks- I've seen him being fed cheese and milk and I once found a cheerio in his mouth. I know he sleeps (that is what he does while Jonah plays, at least Jonah always tells Elmo "Night Night" when he leaves him somewhere). But I didn't know that he likes to ride in Jonah's Kiddie Coupe car (but he's not ready for the bike yet, he kept falling off this week, much to Jonah's dismay). In this picture he is doing something else I didn't know he could do-color. Jonah is handing him a crayon and is much more interested in helping Elmo than coloring himself!


shawanda said...

Well, from the few Elmo's World segments I've seen, I should have guessed that he was way beyond his years and more talented than he was letting on. It's nice to have you join the blog community. I look forward to reading your tales. Especially if they are more to come like the washing machine saga.

JennT said...

Its so fun to get to talk to everyone this way, if I'd known that this was what blogging was about, I would have "joined" sooner!