2 year old blues

So new moms get postpardum blues which occur right after their child is born. They may feel depressed and unhappy, unsure if they are ready for their child to be outside of them and no longer safely on the inside. Is it possible to feel that when your child is two? Since I don't think I can put him back "in" I guess I have to deal with the feelings of business and boredom that I feel all at once. I mean, how many times can we walk up and down the street at at Franklin the Turtle's pace? How many times will the same blanket get unfolded before it safely makes it to the drawer? Haven't I swept the floor 3 times already- where do these cracker crumbs come from? Do I win I a prize for memorizing the most Elmo World videos? Living with a two year is about being thankful for that little hand in yours while walking down the street for the 20th time and for the sweet efforts he makes while trying to "help' his mommy with the laundry.