The Washing Machine Saga

So Monday is laundry day, the day that I do 5 or 6 loads of laundry and then can ignore the baskets for a whole week. I love my system and I really loved my second hand machine until it started squeaking during the spin cycle. I commented on this several times to my husband and I don't think he believed me until he happened to be home when the house was shaking. This prompted him to take the machine apart. Now, I don't say that my husband is handy when it comes to this kind of stuff or even eager, but he is cheap and he does like to take things apart (but not before googling for advice). So, "experts" say its the belt so Jake in search of a belt. Then he discovered that our machine does not have a belt. With washing machine pieces and water everywhre, a friend drops by. She then insists that her husband, who of course delivers washing machines and the like, finds me a machine. So he comes over to install one that has been discarded by the prevous owners who bought a new shiny one, but this one works just fine they say. So its in, and I run the first load last Monday. The spin cyle runs smoothly. And just as I think that we have a winner, the machine lets out a load squeal, much like a car braking at the very end of the cycle. My husband says that the same thing that was going on ours is probably going out on this one. I think our first clue should have been that this is washing machine made by Magic Chef!!!


Unknown said...

This might be one of the funniest things I have read in quite a while. I am going to have to quote it on my blog...hope you don't mind. Shawanda and I both got a kick out of it.

There are a lot of people who are surprised at the number of blogs that have exploded into creation lately, but I am not. I think the real life thoughts of a real person I know are way more interesting than random thoughts or articles somewhere else.

Way to conquer those technophobic tendencies, Jenn!