Kindergarten Ultimatum

I will admit that I've been a little self-centered lately and have failed to update on the wonderful world of kindergarten.

Jonah loves it. Loves it. He looks forward to going everyday, insists on wearing his school t-shirt on spirit days, and usually has many stories to tell.

He likes lunch and math. He is doing great at the whole language reading program that the school uses. He doesn't even complain about nap time too much. He looks forward to gym class days.

He doesn't, however, like holding a pencil and really isn't very interested in learning to write all of the letters correctly. But he is trying and is slowly becoming a little more excited about it. His fine motor skills have improved a lot since school has started.

I was feeling pretty good about his progress until we got a letter about the newest ultimatum in his class: adults are not going to help tie shoes after Halloween. Jonah said that was just for at school. I assured him that his teacher meant at home too (let her be the bad guy, right?). I knew he wouldn't learn if I tied them for him at home.

Now he is both looking forward to and dreading Halloween. We've been making bunny ears every morning with little progress. Any ideas, besides velcro, of course?


Sarah Anne said...

I'm thinkin' of something...and it rhymes with hip-hop. :)

pastorwick said... stinkin' wife left her ID logged in. That was totally me. :)

Brooke said...

Over the summer I worked with Jace on tying his shoes. One thing I learned that help a lot was teaching him in steps. For the first few days he would only make one bunny ear, loop, or whatever you want to call it. I then told him that when he could do that really well, he could go to the next level. He loves video games and going to the next level is a big deal. He was eager to learn, but I made sure he could do each step before moving on. I would finish the rest of the steps until he learned. It didn't take to long with him building on every few days until he could do the whole thing. He would run into the living room and say "I need to go to the next level." Good luck and be patient:)

Jonathan said...

I don't know that @ will ever learn to tie shoes. He doesn't own any - just sandels and Crocs. At this rate he may be 6 or 7 before he has to learn (when we go back to the States).

Tiffany Shanks. said...

I am going through the same thing that you are Jenn, I am teaching Joshua kindergarten and he is learning to tie his shoes, he is not interested in it just like Noah. I am glad to find your blog, Grandma was telling me about it.